Demolition, renovation and maintenance

No compromises
on health

Demolition work & disposal for residential & commercial construction

Looking for a demolition firm in the Munich area to carry out demolition, renovation or maintenance work on your building reliably and professionally? Then Kakar is the right choice for you. We are a certified renovation firm specializing in the removal and disposal of pollutants such as old mineral wool (SMF) or friable and non-friable asbestos. We are happy to use our extensive expertise to help you create a pollutant-free environment in your buildings.

We provide a complete solution all from a single source, with support ranging from professional planning to demolition and waste disposal.

Removal of pollutants
by professionals

Recent decades have frequently seen the use of questionable construction materials, which are responsible for a large share of the pollutants around today. Even though many of these pollutants have not been used in construction for decades, they can still continue to cause health problems. Because of this, housing stock renovation projects virtually always come up against the issue of pollutant removal.

However, these spaces can be restored to an uncontaminated state through the meticulous removal of these high-risk substances by a firm of professionals experienced in removing pollutants.

The best advice
and service

Expert advice for projects that run smoothly and on time

A certified

A qualified specialist with the necessary certifications under TRGS 519 and 521


The highest security standards and excellent technical expertise and special equipment


We create healthy living spaces

Thorough on-site preparation

An on-site assessment with sampling and analysis, a renovation plan and submission of reports of the renovation measures to the competent local/government authorities.

Protective measures on the construction site

Working areas are separated with film walls and openings, floors, walls and ceilings are carefully sealed in accordance with the safety guidelines in TRGS 519 and 521.

All pollutants completely removed

Disassembly of non-friable and friable asbestos products and old mineral wool (SMF). Specially constructed extraction units prevent pollutants escaping from the renovation area.

Professional disposal

Pollutants are packed away in bulk bags or drums. Careful handling throughout the entire transport process. Disposal at suitable disposal sites and documentation with proof of disposal.

Our expertise
for your safety

Whether you are a private customer or looking for a solution for your business, we are happy to advise you on your options and work with you to find the best solution for your building. Our trained employees and professional pool of machinery are there to ensure we can offer you the highest quality. Working reliably and on schedule is extremely important to us, because good demolition work is only possible through structured planning. In addition to demolition of buildings, we also offer other services such as renovation and maintenance/modernization of properties.